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Learning to Dialogue with Your Inner Coach


In an atmosphere of trust and partnership, coach practitioners will learn how to notice the inner dialogue that takes place as they sit with their clients in a coaching session. They will practice noticing how their choices of questions and statements are influenced by personal bias, judgement on what is right or wrong, as well as desires they hold for their clients. As they embark on this journey, they will explore the role of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies (CCCs) in providing a framework of reference to return to when they notice themselves being stuck in the content of their own inner dialogue fuelled in part by their clients’ stories.

Together with other coach practitioners, the learning will include observation of live or recorded coaching sessions and feedback delivered in a generative fashion where the overall development goals of coach practitioners, stated at the start of the course, are respected


Candidates must hold a current ICF Credential or have been certified as a professional coach from an ICF approved Coach Training Institution and be in the process of being credentialed.

Course layout

16 hours of contact learning delivered over eight (8) sessions, 2 hours, every second week. All sessions are delivered over the internet through our live platform (ZOOM) in a maximum group size of 4 participants. In the event that group size drops to 1, a more personalized approach will be explored in partnership with the coach practitioner. This can include changing the course layout to allow for more or less time between sessions.


To be determined. Contact us at for more information.

Course Tuition and additional information:

For more information about this course please download our Course Overview Document: Learning to Dialogue with your Inner Coach

CCE Units

In the process of being reviewed by ICF for Core Competency and Resource Development.

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