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about us

Lifting society through liberated minds

Beyond Boundaries and Constraints, GHI brings coaching to anyone, anywhere, anytime, throughout their life

At Grand Heron International, we believe that when people are liberated of the thinking clutter that keeps them stuck, they move through life with more confidence and ease, impacting everyone they encounter on their journey. We do this by making on-demand coaching available for all. We work with a diligently curated network of certified coaches who have made it their life mission to help individuals move past indecision, pressing issues and challenges. Grand Heron International is at the forefront of a movement that is making the world a kinder, more compassionate place, one coaching conversation at a time.

Our story

In some indigenous cultures, the heron represents progression and evolution and the ability to stand on one’s feet. This majestic bird was the genesis of Grand Heron International. Having helped thousands of business owners and C-Suite leaders, Dr. Mirella De Civita, President and Founder of Grand Heron International, is a firm believer that everyone can benefit from coaching, not just top executives. We all, at one point or another, have the need to break through the thinking clutter and self-talk that keeps us stuck and unable to move forward with decisions and actions. And like the grand heron, we all have the immense potential to grow, evolve and acquire more self-reliance, autonomy and confidence to be better and lift everyone around us.

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Keep Leading!® Podcast

GHI is a proud sponsor of the Keep Leading! ® Podcast hosted by Eddie Turner. The Keep Leading!® podcast features some of the best thought leaders in the world.

Purposeful Empathy

GHI is a proud sponsor of the Purposeful Empathy series of video interviews hosted by empathy expert Anita Nowak. Anita regularly interviews influential people on topics related to empathy.