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A quick guide to who can benefit from coaching on-demand, when to book a session and why it is so helpful.

What is coaching on demand?

Coaching on demand is a coaching service aimed at addressing a pressing issue. Unlike a formal coaching program, coaching on demand was designed to help individuals move forward, make a decision, gain clarity, shift perspective and simply get “unstuck”.

Who can use coaching on demand ?

Individuals experiencing a professional, career or life roadblock, preventing them from moving forward.

What types of situations call for on-demand coaching?

Coaching and Parenting

If you are worried about making the wrong decision on how to hold a conversation with your teenager, you are not alone. Taking the right approach to sensitive subjects such as sex, drugs, alcohol use and bullying is no easy task.

Did you know a call to a credentialed life coach can help guide you on how to hold important conversations with your teen?

Coaching and Retirement

Why approach Retirement as the end of all you had done? Instead, shift perspective and recognize that retirement is continuing all that you have done in a different way. Repurposing retirement is what our coaches aim to do. Working with a coach of your choice, you will develop a mindset that allows you to repurpose your incredible skills and talents in a manner that brings you closer to your next life chapter. Discover what that chapter could be!

Did you know working with a coach can help you transition into retirement with a renewed sense of purpose?

Coaching and Life Balance

You’ve said it, you’ve googled it, you’ve felt what it means when it’s off-kilter. The expression “work-life balance” carries a heavy weight. As technology blurs the lines between work and home, we bear witness to the elusive and sough after balance in our lives. What it boils down to are the decisions and actions we take in our daily lives that either enhance our well-being or take away from it.

Did you know working with a coach can help you in achieving work-life integration?

Coaching can be a powerful ally in transforming your personal and professional life. The self-determination to make meaningful changes toward a desired state requires psychological courage, an emotional and cognitive skill that can be learned. Working with a coach can help you build the skills that will help you take courageous actions in your daily life.

Coaching and Burnout

Coaching can be regarded as your first recourse to get you back on track before the symptoms of burnout take hold.

What is burnout?

If you are:

  • Experiencing a lack of energy and drive at work
  • No longer feel connected to the work you do
  • Feeling stressed, pressure, overwhelmed and unsure how to hold it all together as you pursue your work
  • Asking yourself if you are “good enough”, “talented enough”
  • Experiencing negative feelings and negative self-talk are impacting all facets of your life – professional and personal
  • Feeling “stuck” and can’t move forward with your plans
    Feeling cognitively or emotionally spent when asked to make a decision
  • Feeling misunderstood and unappreciated

Before long, even the strongest fail. You can make the choice to get the support you need to plow through this moment before you reach your breaking point.

What if you could turn to a coach when you feel like something may have shifted in you?

Rather than allow irrational thinking and feelings of hopelessness drown your potential, turn to a coach where compassion is primordial and you feel supported and loved beyond measure.

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