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Marion Barré

Professional Coach

AREAS of coaching

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Marion is a passionate professional coach who guides employees, leaders, and SME executives in their personal and professional development. Her role is to illuminate their path to the future, define goals, and implement winning strategies to achieve them. By helping her clients boost their self-confidence, Marion accompanies them at every step of their journey. Marion has been a self-employed entrepreneur since 2017, bringing her expertise to SMEs as a consultant. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and catalyze the personal and professional growth of her clients.

Marion is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marion Barré charges CA$175.00 per session

Marion's Unique Style

In the world of coaching, Marion is recognized for her exceptional and unique style. Those she has coached in the past have often praised her active listening skills, noting that she truly understands and hears their needs. Her coaching has had a significant impact on achieving the goals they had set, helping them progress remarkably. Marion stands out for her authentic way of building connections with her clients, encouraging them to explore their full potential while guiding them toward success.

Marion specializes in personal coaching, empowering individuals to embrace change, navigate life transitions, and move forward towards their dreams. Her mission is to help people chart a course for their aspirations and achieve the life they’ve always envisioned. With a creative touch, Marion tailors her coaching interventions to guide each individual toward their unique path of growth.

Professional Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication
  • Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Professional NLP Coach, CQPNL


Thank you Marion for your support! We worked together on different issues with which I now feel deeply at ease. I felt sincerely listened to, and supported through our sessions.

Thanks again to you! 

Emilie Schneider

Thank you Marion for your tailor-made professional coaching which helped me a lot in the development of my business! I recommend +++

Marina Carl

Marion is very attentive, her approach is gentle and very professional. She was able to guide me perfectly during my coaching by giving me the tools necessary for my awareness. She has the gift of knowing how to turn our doubts and uncertainties into strengths and qualities. One thing is certain, Marion has much more than the Positive Attitude and knows how to pass it on!! I recommend his services 1000%!!

Julianne COELHO

Excellent experience with Marion, personalized attention that allows you to move forward more serenely. Allowed me to unlock several situations always with a very positive attitude.
Highly recommend, thank you for your help Marion!

Thibaud Garnier

Exceptional, human and effective coaching, I highly recommend. Thank you Marion for this quality support.

Helene Miller

I loved the coaching session!
I was able to wander through my memories, find pleasant and precious landmarks in my heart. I now have some tools that are useful to me, when the energy is not there.
Thank you very much for this emotional session.

Matt Fratat

Thank you Marion, you helped me find myself, you have a beautiful sweetness and a great listening, you were on my way when I needed it ❤


Isabelle Caron