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Kim L. Miles is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), credentialed through the International Coach Federation. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, including in industries related to engineering, telecommunications, and aerospace. She has experience in Project Development, Integration of Strategic Plans, Business Development, Sales, Training and Personnel Development. She is able to support middle to senior level executives from small to large sized organizations in their decision-making process, guiding them in transformational change that allows them to reach their desired goals.

Kim L. Miles  is based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Kim L. Miles charges CA$350.00 per session

Kim’s Unique Style

Kim’s coaching style combines analytical and intuitive approaches with open and direct communication. She believes that with deep awareness, focused intention, and effective action, the unimaginable can be accomplished. Kim couples coaching techniques with an analytical, process oriented approach allowing her clients to create strategies, solutions and behaviors that are sustainable. Her clients develop the skills and ability to take full ownership of their transformation and success journey. Through the coaching process, Kim’s clients grow personally and professionally for whole life fulfillment.

Professional Background

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Coach U Graduate, Advanced Coaching Program
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL), CSU Global)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • Certified Mentor Coach, MCC Mentor Coach
  • Certified Team Coach, Global Team Coaching Institute


Kim L. Miles also holds her private coaching and consulting practice. To learn more visit


“I had the pleasure of working with Kim as an executive coach and the experience surpassed all of my expectations. Kim was focused throughout our time together and often reminded me of my original intent to make sure that we stayed true to what my goals were. She was a great accountability partner and never skirted around the tough conversations – that is key for any good coach. She is professional, approachable and a great person to have in your corner. I strongly recommend Kim for any level of career or executive coaching OR when you need help refocusing on your goals or to help wade through and determine what your actual goals are.”

Janet Gipson | Vice President Talent Acquisition, Global Medical Response

“I have the pleasure to have Kim as my Executive coach. Kim’s ability to deal with all the change we’ve been going through from an organizational and leadership perspective has been very helpful. I love her attitude, her down to earth approach and her great insights as well as the open discussion and constant challenge from Kim to define the real opportunities for me, how to address them AND how to measure them. Kim has been instrumental to help me manage and deal with all aspects of my executive coaching and for me to overcome some of the challenges at times.”

Nicolai Salcedo| Chief Information Officer, Walmart Canada

“Kim is a top-notch talent development professional. She is in her element whether it be presenting to a large group or small group; or guiding you in individual executive coaching sessions. Knowledge, passion, caring and bluntness are what separate Kim from other talent development professionals. Kim has an incredible knowledge base with which to draw from which gives her credibility. Kim is passionate in the way she leads and her genuine desire to drive change is evident in all she does. Kim cares about both the individuals and the organization that she supports. Kim is appropriately blunt about current situations and steps that individuals and organizations must be willing to take to effect true change. Kim provided direct support to myself, my teams, the CFO organization and several leadership workshops i attended. During the time that Kim supported us, our employee satisfaction scores improved and employee turnover dropped significantly below industry averages. Kim played a significant role in these changes as her lessons influenced all individuals in CFO organization.”

Stuart Kroonenberg | Director of Accounting, DISH Network

“Kim is a very determined career coach who provides value for anyone who is striving to be their best self. She is knowledgeable, empathetic and professional. She knew when to give guidance with tangible examples and when to just listen. Kim’s positive “can do” attitude was always infectious. She always stays up to date on industry knowledge and would give tangible examples in situations that were applicable.”

Kara Stegman | Director of Existing Communications, DISH Network

“I had the great pleasure of working with and being mentored by Kim during my time at SlingTV. She was part of the training team at CLIMB (an intense 3 week executive training course) and facilitated many other training courses for the American Fork teams. Kim has so many amazing attributes but what sets her apart are her Integrity, Humility and that she can so easily inspire people with her charisma. One of my favorite sessions with her was when she led my leadership team through an Empower session. The Empower sessions are particularly targeted to get teams to open up to each other and better function as a unit; they can be very uncomfortable. Kim did an amazing job, navigated us through some challenges activities and we emerged a better and more cohesive team. I would trust Kim without reservation and really hope I get the chance to learn from her again in the future!”

Karsten Shumway | Servant Leader and Project Manager, Owlet Baby Care