Grand Heron International

Karl-Eric Briere

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Karl-Eric started his career in Hong Kong where within a decade he built a successful sourcing and distribution firm.  At that point, he decided to merge it with a larger Montreal-based company, where he rose to become director of operations in a few years. At that point, to achieve a better equilibrium between his work and family life he left, moved to the west coast, and co-founded a boutique publishing house. Those were all demanding decisions to make, through them, Karl-Eric has developed the belief that we all have the potential to take ownership of our lives. It is not easy, it asks us “all we’ve got” but it is within reach, for everyone. 

A Taoist idiom reflects that a river, made of flowing water drops, is ever-changing, yet it always appears to be the same. Similarly, our lives are made of the decisions we make every day. Some are easy, some are very hard, and many we make without even realizing it. 

Karl-Eric’s coaching focuses on the importance of those decisions. Countless possible reasons make us feel stuck in front of a decision. With his coaching, Karl-Eric’s clients come to have a different perspective of the challenges, sometimes obvious and sometimes hidden within those decisions. They develop a different understanding of the possible paths that lie beyond those decisions. His coaching objective is to assist his clients to transcend the uncertainty inherent to every decision so that they rise above the obstacles they face and continue on their journey. 

Karl-Eric's Unique Style

His personal life, work, and coaching are based on his “The Tao of value creation” philosophy. Its foundation is the concept of “compassion-centered value creation” which is to accept that the world we live in is and will remain imperfect, so are people around us, so are we, but then again so is the Mona Lisa. The decisions we make will therefore be imperfect, but that is not a problem. By accepting these imperfections, we open ourselves to a path of lifelong learning and self-improvement, a path where most of us will find happiness and self-realization. 

Professional Background

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) / Associate Certified Coach (ACC) 

  • College of Executive Coaching / Advance Personal and Executive Coach 

  • The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania / Executive MBA 

  • McGill University / bachelor’s degree, Finance & International Business, Minor in East Asian Study 

AREAS of coaching

Languages spoken


“Karl-Eric est une force avec laquelle il faut compter. En peu de temps après avoir entamé notre démarche ensemble, il m’a proposé des outils pratiques pour identifier clairement et construire mes objectifs personnels. Les résultats positifs se manifestent déjà dans ma vie personnelle et professionnelle. Il est un auditeur attentif, ce qui crée le cadre idéal pour aborder spécifiquement ce qui est important pour chaque individu. Karl-Eric a joué un rôle déterminant pour me faire voir qui je suis réellement et le potentiel que j’ai d’accomplir de véritables changement positifs.”

Robert Molho 
Accolade Technology recruiting 

Thank you for your inspiring, insightful and energizing coaching. You help me find the authentic brand voice that resonates with customers and inspires team members. You pushed me to find a solution that I did not see. 

Jonh Sanchez
President and Chief Executive Officer at Mustang Expediting

“J’ai eu le privilège d’avoir accès au coaching de Karl-Éric lorsque j’ai dû affronter une épreuve professionnelle qui aurait pu mener à ma perte. Il a su m’écouter, m’a aidé à mieux comprendre mes besoins. Il m’a aussi aidé à mettre en place des processus à suivre pour me permettre d’atteindre mes objectifs. Ceci m’a permis de reprendre confiance et de remonter la pente.”

Catherine Avoine
Artiste de la scène

“Le coaching de Karl m’a vraiment aidé à structurer et à mettre en œuvre mes objectifs personnels de manière efficace me permettant d’identifier clairement et de poursuivre le travail qui apportera le plus d’avantage a ma progression de carrière. Cela a joué un rôle déterminant dans les progrès que j’ai constaté jusqu’à présent depuis le début du coaching.”

Roland, Gestionnaire de projet
marketing numérique, Xanda Agency

Being connected with Karl-Eric is like having a cheat code, his insight, business acumen and personal approach has elevated my business to places that would’ve taken me much longer without his help. His influence has helped to shape many aspects of the way I serve my clients, attract new clients, and to see the way my business can improve the lives of the wider community.

Jonathan Horvatin 
DATUM Marketing and Design