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Carolina Perez Sanz

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

AREAS of coaching

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Throughout Carolina’s professional journey, her focus has consistently revolved around supporting individuals in pursuit of their goals. Initially, her role predominantly involved that of a teacher and mentor, guiding individuals in honing their speech and communication skills, whether this was for broadcasting, singing, or even acting. Following a brief period of time spent in an academic setting during the same time as completing her PhD in Linguistics, Carolina became fascinated by the intersection of leadership, personality, and executive presence. She analyzed these aspects from a communication perspective in her weekly blog about public figures’ communication styles for the Huffington Post (Spain edition). Upon relocating from Madrid to New York, Carolina contributed to Higher Education in roles of Communication Specialist at the International Student Support Center at New York University, as well as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Speaking at the City University of New York.  Subsequently, she transitioned to Templar Advisors to assume a role in global communications. As a consultant, she provided coaching to numerous teams and executives, improving their communication, negotiation, executive presence, as well as leadership skills. She then turned her focus exclusively on coaching as she wanted to support clients at a deeper level, to help them thrive at work and in their personal lives.

Carolina is based in Miami Beach, Florida, United States of America.

Carolina Perez Sanz charges CA$360.00 per session

Carolina's Unique Style

Carolina’s unique coaching style can be characterized as light, playful, and marked by an open and accepting approach. She motivates her clients to engage in creative thinking that shift their focus beyond logical reasoning. Recognizing the significance of creating a safe and supportive space for her clients, Carolina empowers them to evolve as the leaders they aspire to be. She prioritizes ensuring that clients adhere to their own agendas and attain their self-defined goals. As a result, her coaching approach is perceived as both a tool for exploration and a guiding force in their journey.

Marion specializes in personal coaching, empowering individuals to embrace change, navigate life transitions, and move forward towards their dreams. Her mission is to help people chart a course for their aspirations and achieve the life they’ve always envisioned. With a creative touch, Marion tailors her coaching interventions to guide each individual toward their unique path of growth.

Professional Background

  • Ph. D. in Linguistics (Complutense University of Madrid)
  • MS in Corporate Communication (New York University)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Co-Active Training Institute)
  • Organizational & Relationship Systems Certified Coach (Center for Right Relationship Global)
  • Positive Intelligence Certified Coach (Positive Intelligence)
  • Hogan Personality Assessment Suite (Hogan Assessments)


Carolina is an experienced and powerful coach who supports clients with her unconditional caring and coaching presence. I have a broader perspective of my work and life, and I have acquired new ways of reminding myself to stay positive and playful. I love Carolina’s authenticity, truthfulness and caring in her coaching, they are foundational in building confidence and connection in a coaching partnership. Carolina is a great coach, her caring coupled with her insights and powerful questions are what demonstrates masterful coaching.


Carolina has helped me to understand myself better, which has allowed me to make better business decisions. Learning to set healthy boundaries with both clients and family members without feeling guilty has been an important step for my personal well-being and professional effectiveness.


Carolina has assisted me in achieving a better and more fulfilled life. She has taught me coping skills that have made it easier to deal with difficult times. Her guidance and effective coaching skills has also helped me through my recovery. She listens well and offers solid practices that have helped me become a happier, more balanced leader.


Coaching with Carolina has served me tremendously. People come to me to comment on how I’ve changed. And I notice it myself: I can now express myself with more confidence and assertiveness. I feel more peace inside.


I’ve had a great time working with Carolina. Every time we had a session scheduled I was looking forward to it because they left me in such a positive attitude. I’ve gained confidence and I’ve learned to observe other leaders in objective ways.


Thank you Carolina for supporting me on my journey and helping me change my dissatisfaction into empowering engagement! Magic can happen!