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L.B., Management Practice, ICF Certified Coach

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mirella for a number of years, so when an opportunity arose for me to select a mentor for my ICF ACC credentialing renewal, my first choice was Mirella. Her approach to coaching is both focused and intuitive, listening beyond the words and asking thought provoking questions. Her […]

E.B., Aerospace, PPCC & ICF Certified Coach

“I worked with Mirella as my mentor coach and she provided me with a structured coaching program. Her feedback was always very detailed and specific, well balanced between the positive and competencies that required more work. She worked through the 11 competencies ensuring I was mastering each one and practicing until they were well integrated. […]

K.M., Consulting, ICF Certified Coach

“Mirella provided an exceptional mentor coaching experience. With her support and guidance I was able to see the specific areas where I could develop as a coach but also see what initiated the challenges I was experiencing in those areas. Mirella applied the 11 competencies within our coaching sessions, which allowed me to experience the […]

G.N., ICF Certified Coach

“I met Mirella when coaching was just an abstract concept for me and she is the one that awoke the coaching passion in me. She has been a constant presence in my coaching journey that started almost 5 years ago, so when the time came, there was nobody else I would chose as a mentor. […]

J.B., Personal Life Coach, PPCC – Concordia University

“I had the great pleasure of working with Dr. De Civita as my mentor coach while I was completing the Professional and Personal Coach Certification program at Concordia University. The ICF’s 11 core competencies were at the heart of our many discussions, which in turn allowed me to not only better understand these competencies but […]

R.D., PPCC Program, Concordia University

“A compassionate approach, a genuine interest in her mentees and an expert in her field are the first words that come to mind in describing Mirella. Choosing Mirella as a mentor made all the difference for me. I first began my search for a mentor by looking for specific credentials, all of which Mirella possesses. […]

P.M., Financial services

“Mirella mentored me during a period of 6 months while I was studying towards an ICF recognized coaching certification. I must admit it has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my career. During our sessions, Mirella demonstrated unique skills in how she listened carefully to my words and emotions and give me feedback […]

Y.K., MINDSHIFT NINJA, ICF accreditation

“Because of my clinical background, it was imperative for me to find a mentor that was able to help me develop a coaching style that blended my previous work experience with my newer role as an executive coach. I am grateful for Mirella’s support and guidance in helping me identify and develop this “voice” as […]

A.S., PPCC Coach, Concordia University

“Working with Mirella has been a rewarding experience. Her professionalism, dedication, patience and inspiration have transformed my coaching skills. As a mentee I learned a lot from Mirella, and I highly recommend her mentorship programs.”

H.P. Certified Coach

“Mirella never ceased to amaze me. I have witnessed her effective coaching before which gave me full confidence in choosing her as my mentor coach. Her ability to detect true meaning and emotions beyond surface, her articulate effective questioning skills and her strong intuition coupled with extensive experience are the key success factors to a […]