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If you know which coach you want to book your session with, please select the coach from the drop down menu below. Otherwise, you can simply select the date and time that best suits you and you will be randomly matched with one of our professional coaches. 

Please feel free to consult the profile page of our coaches to known them better. 



Client reviews

  • [Stefano] is a good listener and understand your point and give advise , really appreciate .

  • Great coaching by Isil and I deeply value the time we've spent together, she has strong listening skills; is good at gathering information and then clarifying it to the person being coached! thank you :)

  • Stephanie is an incredible coach! She is extremely attentive and proactive on how to move issues forward while truly listening and coaching you through.

  • My sessions with Maria always lead to reflection and help me come up with solutions that are my own. She creates a deeply personal experience, is easy to talk to and open up to. I learn through every coaching experience and am ultimately left feeling more empowered at the end of my conversations with Maria.

  • Anne-Marie was the most amazing coach I have had the pleasure of working with … simply brilliant

  • Maryse is very delightful and probed me on important factors I needed to realize. She gave me an eye opening experience.

  • Maria was amazing, she made me feel comfortable enough to open up completely which is something that is hard to do.

  • [Isil's] coaching was awesome. She could remember and reformulate what i've said and what she heard very well. She had a great way of making me reflect and find my own solutions. The results of the design experiment practiced live with another team gave great results. I expect to put my learning in practices from now on (at every team meeting).

  • [Kim is a] Great coach asking the difficult questions and encouraged self reflection . This provided clarity and helped pave the right way to move forward. A BIG THANK YOU!

  • Stephano is amazing. Always listens and provides great feedback. He is the coach to have.

  • Very happy with my experience. Maria was a great help and I am confident that the session will help me deal better with that specific situation

  • Amazing as usual. Stefano never fails to deliver sound coaching. I fully recommend his services.

  • easy and friendly contact.

  • It was a big item to solve in one session but we set the foundation for some first steps

  • After being laid off from my job, I sought guidance from Carol and she was an excellent coach. She is very kind and approachable, so it was easy to warm up to her.

  • Belle écoute, belle réception et discussion. Un gros merci!

  • Great coaching session, learned a lot of valuable information that I can put into practice right away.

  • Maria was wonderful. Her insights and suggestions were helpful. I felt energized by her support and validated by how she responded to my challenges.