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Stefano Calvetti

Coach Professionnel Certifié Co-Active (CPCC)

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En tant que vétéran de la marine, Stefano apporte plus de trois décennies d’expérience pratique du leadership à chaque session de coaching, ayant servi avec distinction à la fois en tant que force dirigeante et en tant que membre dévoué d’une équipe. Sa mission principale est transformatrice : marquer le monde d’une empreinte durable et positive en donnant les moyens à des personnes partageant les mêmes idées de viser l’excellence et l’amélioration de la société.  Au fil des ans, Stefano a perfectionné l’art de l’écoute active et reconnu le pouvoir de libérer le potentiel latent de chaque personne, une pratique qu’il juge vitale pour cultiver des équipes performantes et des opérations simplifiées. Cette passion profondément enracinée pour la croissance et le leadership l’a conduit à passer d’une carrière navale épanouissante de 31 ans au coaching professionnel – une décision alimentée par son engagement à partager, inspirer et développer les leaders de demain. Dans sa pratique de coaching de leadership exécutif, Stefano étend cette expertise à une clientèle variée, allant d’esprits créatifs et d’innovateurs éconimiques à d’anciens compagnons d’armes, tous unis par la recherche commune d’un leadership exceptionnel.

Stefano est basé à Washington, DC, aux États-Unis.

Stefano Calvetti facture 149.47 $ canadiens par session

Son Style Unique​

Au cœur du style de coaching de Stefano se trouve un mélange d’écoute empathique, de vision stratégique et d’engagement à obtenir des résultats concrets. Il croit en une approche de partenariat, qui respecte le parcours unique de chaque client tout en lui offrant le soutien rigoureux nécessaire pour relever les défis de son leadership. Les méthodes de coaching de Stefano sont basées sur l’expérience de la vie réelle, garantissant la pertinence et l’aspect pratique de chaque session. Son approche du coaching est perçue comme étant à la fois réflexive et tournée vers l’avenir, considérée comme un incubateur pour l’innovation et l’action qui conduit à des changements significatifs. Il encourage une introspection profonde afin d’identifier les valeurs fondamentales et les points forts, qui servent ensuite de boussole pour leur parcours de leadership.

Expérience Professionnelle

  • Maîtrise en stratégie de sécurité nationale et en sciences politiques
  • Coach Professionnel Certifié Co-Active (CPCC), Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)
  • Praticien accrédité de l’ennéagramme avec Integrative Enneagram Solutions (iEQ9)


“I came to a first coaching session with Stefano without knowing what coaching was or what to expect. I discovered that it was an opportunity to take time off from busy routines and sit down for some self-reflection. The coaching experience allowed me to articulate thoughts I had been postponing or even avoiding, turning them into objectives and plans. Stefano helped me keep things grounded, which made the planning effective. Even from the first session, Stefano proved to be a very thoughtful and empathetic person, easing our conversation into a reflective mood. The questions and exercises he proposed had an uncanny way to facilitate deeper thinking and it surprised me how often it led to insights that helped me organize my thoughts. I would definitely recommend Stefano and coaching to anyone searching for motivation to face difficult decisions, clarity to plan for the future, or just challenging themselves to achieve new objectives. ”

Juan Carlos Quiroz | Entrepreneur

“When we started working together, I didn’t have a clear idea of how coaching worked, but I was interested in figuring out how to improve my relationship with work, in which I had accumulated a certain amount of frustration, and I thought coaching might offer an opportunity in that regard. Thanks to Stefano, it was more than the right choice. Stefano accompanied me in identifying some self-sabotaging practices that were actually conditioning my reactions to my surroundings, and by effectively encouraging me to work with my imagination to « see » myself differently, he enabled me to find creative solutions to some concerns and fears. This process has also helped me to get more in touch with my emotional sphere, something I had previously found particularly difficult. Stefano has always been very respectful, careful to listen to me in a deliberate way and value my words without ever replacing them with his own, patient in seeking and finding the channels and exercises, many of them strange but fun, most suitable for me. I, therefore, suggest without hesitation to turn to Stefano if one wishes to embark on a path of improvement on a personal and professional level. I understood the true meaning of « personal leadership » with him, and I am delighted with the result we achieved together. ”

Barbara Scolart | Army Officer

“I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Stefano Calvetti for his exceptional coaching services. Having personally experienced the benefits of his guidance, I can vouch for his unmatched expertise, dedication, and commitment to the success of his clients. Stefano possesses a unique ability to listen actively, offer insightful feedback, and craft tailored strategies that address individual needs. His approach is both pragmatic and empowering, ensuring that his clients not only reach their goals but also acquire valuable skills for long-term success. What truly sets Stefano apart is his unwavering passion for coaching and genuine interest in the well-being of those he works with. Throughout our sessions, I consistently felt valued, supported, and inspired. For anyone seeking a transformative coaching experience, I can’t recommend Stefano Calvetti enough. His services are an investment in personal growth and success. ”

Yuri Juarez | Artist

“Stefano has coached me for the last three months and he has already been impactful. I feel that Stefano is genuinely interested in helping me; he listens and helps me think and reflect. His question and empathy were key to guiding me to unlock new paths and ways to move forward. The impact so far is this revived zest for life, that I had lost. ”

Adrian Rojas| Software Engineer

“Coach Stefano expertly taps the power of visualization exercises during our coaching sessions. Feelings and thoughts connect in insightful and astounding ways. The ‘ask’ is to be brave, stay the course, and participate with an open heart – and Stefano is there on the journey with you.”

Katy D. | Entrepreneur

“Through these sessions I was able to transform negative feelings into a constructive force aimed at a specific goal. I experienced this as an opportunity to gain clarity on some aspects inherent in my work condition but then a personal conflict emerged that affects my attitude at work. Using the visualizations allowed me to develop greater awareness about myself and a change in perspective, as well as greater ability to focus. The coaching period served me well. After a slightly tentative approach, thanks to the professionalism of the coach, I was able to express my views on various issues naturally and without fear. ”

Navy Officer