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If it feels like a few months ago you were in the driver’s seat and suddenly had to slam on the breaks and come to screeching halt, you are not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned things upside down, forced us to work differently, think differently, live differently.

Much like that moment when you press on the breaks and you are suddenly hyper-aware of your surroundings, your beating heart and the people around you, we have also been thrust in this post halt pause.

When you were in the driver’s seat, you were in control. Your life had a structure. Although chaotic at times, it was the result of your plans, decisions, objectives, dreams, ambitions. You were so busy, you probably never had the chance to just “be”. Until you had to stop suddenly. Until you had no choice but to look around you and maybe for the first time in a long time, look within you.

What is the absence of busy work teaching us?

Don’t get me wrong, grieving our lives pre-Covid is completely normal. But as “normal” keeps being redefined almost weekly, the need to shift is necessary and the “nothingness” we are experiencing is exactly the environment needed to reassess, re-create and redefine what we want to do. Away from the charged agendas, errands, commutes and other commitments that keep us in constant movement form one thing to the next.

What if I told you that in those moments when you feel you are doing “nothing” you are actually doing something? If you were to shift your perspective, you would appreciate that in the nothing your attention begins to see what it could not see before…A long forgotten passion, a moving piece of music, a beautiful bird outside your window. You might even go deeper…A better understanding of yourself, a letting go of what you cannot control, heightened compassion for yourself and for others.

From nothing comes something. What is it for you?

Is it more awareness of what is working well that can then inspire what could be?

Is it more clarity about what you really desire not what society has trained you to desire?

Is it more satisfaction about what you are doing and determination to keep going?

Or is it simply a need to keep doing more of nothing and see where that goes?