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I embarked in a coaching relationship as part of an executive development plan,  knowing I needed to find a new way to lead my team and achieve success. Leading my team, influencing my colleagues and my manager had become exhausting work took every last bit of energy there was no ME left for anything else. What did happen  was quite transformational as I learned more about who I was, what I wanted and did not want in my life. This knowledge made me a better leader, and allowed me to deliver the results needed without being exhausted all the time. But most importantly I got myself back, I started to have fun again, to love my life and my work and to create the mix of work, family and friends that was best for me. Quite honestly without the benefits of the coaching conversations I had over 4 years ago, I don’t know in what state of mind I would be today. Coaching provided the framework for me to reconnect with me and feel alive again. I see my life today filled with opportunities and choices for me to make, whereas in the past I often saw obstacles and obligations. This was a gift to me by my organisation who supported it, by myself for choosing to make the changes and by my coach who was present, interested and challenged me when and how it was needed.

Coaching can transform lives, I am living proof!

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