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How to cope with stress at work

Stress at work
Stress – is this our new normal? It sure seems like it. People have always had to deal with stress at home and at work, but in today’s world, where the lines have blurred between home life and work life, stress is affecting us like never before.

So this begs the question – How do you cope with stress at work?

Deal with stress with the power of on-demand coaching

Our answer to how to cope with stress at work is the very purpose of what we do at Grand Heron International and it’s called coaching on demand. 

Traditionally, at work, coaching has always been reserved for the highest achievers. Think about that. Only those thriving are given the tools to do better.

What if we said that EVERYONE can benefit from coaching?

Coaching on demand is not a formal coaching program. It is ‘in-the-moment” coaching for when you’re facing a particularly difficult situation, like dealing with a work conflict, having a crucial decision to make, having trouble communicating something important to your boss or coping with the many of life’s stressors.

Coaching on demand gives you access to a coach in the moment you need it. Qualified and experienced coaches have been trained to listen without judgement and ask discerning questions to dive deep into an issue. Furthermore, coaches are uniquely positioned to help you gain perspective so that you can confidently decide what the best way forward is.

Coaching and Stress

Work, home, the media, world issues; there’s always something ready to test our stress levels these days. Coaching can reshape how you see the challenges that surround you and how you deal with them. Studies have looked at the effect of coaching and the results point to increased resilience, better coping strategies and heightened self-efficacy. Working with a coach can lead to greater self-awareness by noticing the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that contribute to your mental distress. And together with your coach, you can work through ways to identify and adopt more adaptive approaches to the challenges you are facing. In short, coaching has a positive effect on stress management.

“Coaching can reshape how you see the challenges that surround you and how you deal with them.”

Some studies on stress and coaching:

Can Coaching Reduce Workplace Stress? A Quasi-Experimental Study

Coaching as stress-management intervention: The mediating role of self-efficacy in a framework of self-management and coping.

Get access to on-demand coaching

Grand Heron International offers on-demand coaching for anyone, anywhere, anytime. That means you can book an appointment on our platform and you’ll be on a phone or video call with a qualified coach in no time. Your coach will be there to help you shed the stress and shake off the indecision.

When your company offers coaching on demand, this means that leaders in the organization have access to a coach and this effectively democratizes coaching at work, giving more people the same opportunities for growth and fulfilment.

In conclusion, stress is a part of life and HOW you deal with it is what matters. As you unburden yourself of what is keeping you stuck, you make room for what is truly important in your life. Above all, coaching on demand is powerful when used to help you deal with stress. It is why we exist at Grand Heron International, to lift society through liberated minds.