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Gabriela Nitu is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at Grand Heron International.


Gabriela Nitu is a seasoned business professional who has worked over the last 20 years in two continents with leaders from small businesses as well as large corporations. From teaching the fundamentals of customer service, customer relationship building, managing financial portfolios, and commercial banking, she brings a wealth of experience in her role as a partner with her coaching clients. She works with executives, career professionals, business owners and middle to senior level management, helping them realize their full potential. She is also a recognized and esteemed mentor to future leaders within the banking industry.

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Gabriela’s Unique Style

Gabriela is genuine, professional, and insightful in her approach with clients. Warm, open, curious and non-judgmental, an active listener who truly hears what is said along with what is not said. She quickly builds rapport and trust with her clients as she provides them with the space they need to reflect and reframe their ways of seeing and relating in their personal space. She uses her intuition along with her analytical skills to identify patterns and self-imposed limitations that prevent a client from optimizing his/her potential. And once identified, she has the courage to challenge her clients to explore in ways that help them move beyond these self-imposed limitations.

Professional Background

  • Bachelor of Commerce – The Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest, Romania
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Graduate of Coach U

Gabriela Nitu presently works full time in the Banking Industry. She also holds her private coaching and consulting practice. To learn more visit

Areas of Coaching

• Leadership/Executive Coaching
• Career Coaching
• Life Coaching

Languages Spoken

• English
• French
• Romanian

Gabriela Nitu is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


“Gabi is a genuine coach. She is an active listener and truly hears what you say, along with what you don’t say. My experience with her was extremely helpful and insightful – she picked up on self imposed limitations that I had not considered which provided a shift in my thinking and the ability to move forward. I highly recommend her because her interest in partnering with you to achieve your best self in business or personal situations is truly focused on you and where and who you want to be.”

Bobi Molchan, Marketing’ eNdoto Corp, East Hartford, CT, USA

“Through Gabriela’s coaching, I was able to take a time out, reflect and re-prioritize my goals. This has allowed me to become a more balanced, focused and effective leader. I can’t thank her enough!!!”

Antonio Di Mambro, Manager

“Gabriela is insightful and professional. Although at first I was somewhat skeptical about what I would get out of a coaching experience, working with Gaby turned out to be a very positive experience. I use the skills I acquired during our sessions on a daily basis and have grown to be a more effective communicator and leader.”

M.W, Manager

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