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Dani Oxer is a Certified Professional and Personal Coach at Grand Heron International


Dani Oxer is a true learner, and a creative thinker when it comes to helping her clients visualize their future self. She has been able to bring her extensive educational training in immunology, genetics, and biochemistry to the study of human potential. She thrives in variety, and her commitment to the wellbeing of her clients has led her to focus on designing and delivering services in the area of stress-management. With over 15 years of scientific research experience and a body of work published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Dr. Oxer knows how to guide the coaching conversation to allow for a true transformation to occur in how her clients views their life and surrounding circumstances.

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Dani’s Unique Style

Her style is warm and supportive. She listens deeply and connects easily with her clients. Her empathy and powerful questioning help people see their situation through different lenses. Just like in science, she invites her clients to use their curiosity and experiment with different solutions. She believes that everyone is unique and has an inherited wisdom. Since she dedicates most of her time learning how can she serve her clients better, she can also share valuable resources to them.

Professional Background

  • Postdoctoral training in Biochemistry, McGill University; Montreal, Quebec
  • Postdoctoral training in Genetics, University of São Paulo; São Paulo, Brazil
  • Ph.D in Immunology, University of São Paulo; São Paulo, Brazil
  • Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC), Concordia University; Montreal, Quebec
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation (in the process of completion)

Dani Oxer also facilitates workshops in resilience and stress-management and has her private coaching practice. To learn more visit:

Areas of Coaching

  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French (Conversational)
  • Portuguese

Dani Oxer is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


“I found Dani to be a very engaging, warm, empathetic, bright, and genuine professional who functioned as a supportive thinker in enabling me to reflect upon important issues impacting my retirement. Dani was extremely resourceful as she provided me with names of books, videos, conferences, which I pursued with a great deal of interest. In fact, I have read two books which were extremely pertinent, helpful, and impactful with regard to enabling me to take an extremely close look at myself, my aspirations, values, etc.
Dani asked some very thought-provoking questions which gave me pause to reflect about my future plans.
In general, I see Dani as a highly professional and truly caring individual who easily establishes a close alliance with her clients. She was extremely inspiring and insightful as she easily facilitated our seven coaching sessions.
I would highly recommend Dani for any individual or small group coaching sessions – she is truly an exceptional lady!”

Lew Lewis. Director, Student Services Department English Montreal School Board

“Great listener. Resourceful. Passionate. Those were the words that came to mind during my very first coaching session with Dani. I arrived at a point in my life where I was out of work, yet not really interested in resuming my previous career. Even though I knew what type of new path I wanted to pursue, I was relatively lost regarding the strategies to get better organized, informed, and motivated. Working with Dani over several sessions helped me to devise my priorities and personal values, and to materialize a realistic plan to achieve my goals. It is all work in progress still, but I’m really motivated and can see things happening already. As a great coach, she didn’t give me the solutions—she gave me tools to help me plan and execute tasks in a more focused, result-oriented way. She recommended several resources, such as books, websites, and podcasts, that speak very personally to me. That’s what told me how resourceful and attuned to my specific needs she was, and with what passion and competence! I will continue to work with Dani in future sessions and I definitely recommend her services! ”

Luiz C. Godoy, Educator and Researcher at Godoy Tutoring, Free-lance Medical Interpreter

“I was struggling to figure out what path to take professionally. After so many years investing in what I thought was my dream job, I found myself demotivated and hopeless. I didn’t even know where to start. I was in a loop of being unhappy and wasting energy complaining about how unsatisfied I was. Dani helped me to understand “what was missing”, to take a step back and think about who I am now and what matters to me. It was so important to realize that my values and priorities changed over the years. Now I know what direction to take, I can think about a reasonable strategy to achieve my goals and most importantly to take action. I’m currently doing a few courses and working as a volunteer to get experience on the field I want to pursue. I am motivated, happy and optimist to see what the future holds. Can’t thank her enough for that. Dani’s calm focused and organized way helped my stressed and I-wanted-it-all-can’t-wait-one-more-day character. I strongly recommend Dani as a coach.”

Cecilia Rocha, Research Associate at the Montreal Neurological Institute

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