Grand Heron International

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“A compassionate approach, a genuine interest in her mentees and an expert in her field are the first words that come to mind in describing Mirella.

Choosing Mirella as a mentor made all the difference for me. I first began my search for a mentor by looking for specific credentials, all of which Mirella possesses. Then, as time progressed, Mirella offered much more than I had anticipated.

In the many months we worked together, not only did I rely on her extensive knowledge to learn new theory, practices and skills, but she went above and beyond in the way she provided mentorship; she encouraged me to explore, try out new ways, and to marry learning to my individual style. Her approach increased confidence in my ability especially when the topics were more challenging because she helped me get past doubt and work through solutions instead. This all made the learning experience more pleasurable and successful in the end.

In summary, not only did I accomplish my academic goals but I grew as well, and this learning will stay with me forever. Thank you Mirella, your mentorship was very valuable.”