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When we started the Coffee & Conversation series, Maryse and I had as a primary goal to provide a safe space for people to tell their story, make themselves heard and find some validation in what they were feeling or experiencing as they navigated the Covid-19 pandemic.

We took such a big leap of faith – it was like nothing we have ever done before. But let us be honest, neither was the situation we were all going through. We went in without any expectations, we just wanted to be present and start conversations that would help people move forward in their lives. We even thought that once people get used to their new reality, they would not need our gatherings anymore. And that was fine, we would be there for as long as we were needed.

We have been holding these sessions for the last 10 weeks and the conversations keep getting richer. It seems that whatever subject comes to light in a Friday morning session, it is meant to help someone who is present that day.

A few weeks ago we tackled a “heavy” subject. Happiness and the stress we put on ourselves unnecessarily.

I have recently read an article in which the author was challenging us to stop looking for happiness and be content with what we already have. Happiness vs contentment. Interesting idea and choice of words.

Whether we agree with the concept or not, it brought great insight into our conversation.

Coffee & Conversation – Free Online Sessions

Do you want to change your perspective on things or have your ideas or feelings validated? Please come join us every Friday for a soul-serving conversation. You may just find that the conversation will take you exactly where you need to be.

Date: Every Friday (until the the end of July)

Time: 8 to 9 AM – EST

Hosts: Maryse Matta and Gabriela Nitu

Register here.