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WORK SMART KICK START is a Leadership Development Program for Emerging Leaders with Live Monthly Group Coaching.

Most new leaders struggle for years to elevate themselves into the required leadership competencies.  Others aspire to the rise to the executive ranks and yet feel increasingly uncertain due to a sense of overwhelm and growing complexity in their roles.  They are ambitious and extremely talented yet they recognize that they need to up-level in order to manage their growing workload.

Access to top leadership development programs or executive coaching is often cost prohibitive.  Group training sessions is too infrequent to have a lasting effect on their habit patterns.  Although their leaders would like to better support them, they themselves admit that they have insufficient time to fully meet the development and support requirements of these emerging leaders.

The WORK SMART KICK START program at Leaderley Academy is specifically designed to bring highly relevant leadership practices to these leaders through self-paced learning combined with monthly group coaching.  It is the perfect solution for this target group.  These programs provide the mindsets, skillsets, toolsets and implementation support required to equip these leaders with the confidence and competence required to excel in their roles.

To see Marisa’s bio and find out about her coaching style and experiences, click here.

You can also check out the video. And if you want to apply to join the program, you can do it here.

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