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“I rarely refer management books because I often find that they are either too academic or so far removed from practical application. This book is the exception! There are so many nuggets of wisdom, along with actionable behaviours. I have long waited for a book like this! I encourage you to check this out.”

Mirella De Civita, Ph.D., PCC, MCEC
President of Papillon MDC and Founder of Grand Heron International

Marisa Murray, author of W.O.R.K. S.M.A.R.T.

In today’s workforce, most people feel obligated to work hard. Working hard is assumed to be correlated with delivering results, meeting deadlines, and overcoming obstacles. But is  it really?

While working hard is seen by many as an obligation (sometimes at the expense of their happiness and wellbeing) working smart, the more effective and sustainable driver of success – remains completely optional.

But there is a proven formula for working smart that absolutely accelerates your professional success while creating more ease and enjoyment in your work.

By now, hundreds of corporate executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs have benefited from the WORK SMART formula. This book provides you with all the solutions and approaches you need to activate your career and unlock unprecedented professional success.

In May 2018 Marisa’s book climbed to a #1 Best Seller Spot on Amazon’s Business Leadership List. Investing in improving your work habits it the best gift you can give yourself. Take action right now, and claim your best work!

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