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Personal Growth Through Time

Personal growth is one of the most important journeys of our lives. When we are young, it happens instinctively as we are curious, we assimilate new information with an incredible speed, we learn and we allow ourselves to experience new things. All this is possible because youth does not know the words fear or fail. For our younger versions, experiencing failure is just another normal way of being and learning.

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to experience growth. Not only do we come to learn the meaning of the two dreaded “f -words”, but we also start building ideas of who we are and we start to think that these are our identities. At the same time, we learn how good we feel when we are winners, when we are the best in what we do. It is at this moment we have to find new ways in which our identities can learn and grow, so we can experience that good feeling of winning, without letting our fear of failure take control.

Chasing Personal Growth

So we read and we research, then we read some more trying to master achieve personal growth. And even though we grow, the pace is not that fast anymore and all the noise from always running after personal growth is exhausting. Sometimes we would like for somebody to just tell us what to do convincing ourselves that if we follow instructions to the tiniest detail, it would make our path easier.

We turn to lists created by experts – everywhere you turn, there is a list with steps to help you achieve personal growth. Sometimes the lists work, but somehow, we don’t always feel complete and happy. And we conclude it is not the best list, and we go back to searching and reading and searching some more. And we think this personal growth stuff is not an easy thing, but we are not quitters and we go back to the chase.

Take a Step Back – Be Exactly Where You Are Now

I challenge you to do something else – stop chasing personal growth. Stop researching, stop trying to be better in everything you do and just allow your mind to express itself. Behind all that noise, allow your mind to take a step back and absorb everything it learns and analyze it so it can provide you with a useful response rather than an instinctive emotional one.

As we do this, we allow ourselves to do what we were always supposed to do – live in the moment. And instead of following and applying the steps on those lists to our realities, we relate to everything that happens to us, and we learn to live our realities. We learn to let go of what we think about ourselves and allow our true selves to come out and guide us, it allows us to be curious again and learn to experience life as it happens.

Personal Growth is Happening Right Now…As you read this!

The conclusion is personal growth happens at any moment. Every new experience, encounter, destination or hobby offers an opportunity to learn and represents personal growth. But all this can mean nothing if we don’t take the time to absorb it and adapt it to our own needs.

And when you make it your own, that’s when the magic happens – not only that we feel ourselves growing, we are content and confident, we are happy.

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