Dr. Stacy Starkka looking for 7 new or experienced trainers and facilitators to become Certified Communication Coding© trainers

Talent management executives are saying more than ever before that interpersonal communication skills are the single greatest need for today’s business success. Our esteemed colleague and past Guest Coach Blogger, Stacy Starkka, presents an assessment and training program that creates Great Communicators. She is looking for seven new or experienced trainers and facilitators who want to bring this content to their clients.

Dr. Stacy Starkka brings you cutting-edge content created from ongoing research to teach a simple, fast, and accurate system that improves interpersonal communication and its related outcomes; conflict resolution, increased sales, more effective teams and leaders, higher productivity, etc.  The content complements DiSC, DISC, MBTI, and other systems – or replaces them with this much simpler system!

Executive Fast Track T3 Training Retreat in Private SoCal Estate for Seven Trainers

Join Dr. Stacy Starkka’s fast track certification program Oct. 20-25, 2019 in the wine and avocado country of southern California. Be a part of this Cardinal Cohort and enjoy lodging in a private estate and fresh meals prepared by a private chef while we learn from and with each other about creating Great Communicators using the easy-to-learn-and-use Communication Coding© system.

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Path Only $6,991 USD

A $6,000+ Savings! (Condensed training days, free lodging, meals, & more)

Additional Room Sharing Bonus Opportunity    2 per room = Only $5,244/each | 3 per room = Only $4,661/each

Seats are very limited. Apply now and reserve your spot at www.CommunicationsLabInternational.com