Nader Daou, B.Sc., MET.

Position: Chief Technology Officer

With a Bachelor in Physics, Nader made the decision to deepen his curiosity of all knowledge related to space and time, along with energy and force by delving into the world of Educational Technology where technology must contend with the discerning eye of the learner. Today, he combines the inquisitiveness of an explorer with the seriousness of an academic to oversee all knowledge content shared on GHI, and its various service products,  namely- CoachingInventoryLibrary and Coach2Coach webinars. He also serves a vital function of ensuring a smooth experience for clients seeking coaching through CoachingOnSite®. This includes managing all information content available to clients, as well as reinforcing policies and procedures for all employees, Associate Coaches, suppliers, and clients of GHI. Nader is also Vice-president e-Learning Programs and Design at Papillon MDC Inc.

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