Mirella De Civita, Ph.D, PCC

Position: Founder

In addition to identifying talented coaches to join Grand Heron International (GHI), Mirella spends time in meditative practices that often inspire the creation of new programs and services for GHI. Mirella is also a licensed psychologist in the province of Quebec and the President of Papillon MDC Inc., a management consultancy firm focused on empowering leaders to live the life they desire. She is also a Professional Certified Coach, and holds the designation of Master Certified Executive Coach (MCEC) awarded by the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) through the MEECO Leadership Development Institute. Given her passion for sharing knowledge and learning from the wide community of coaches, she is a member of the ACEC and an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She maintains a part-time clinical practice and has co-authored a number of scientific articles in the area of resilience and risk, adherence behaviors, developmental pathology, coping/living with chronic illness, as well as management and leadership (for a list of her publication please visit Covalentdata.com). She reveals her wealth of knowledge in personal psychology and transformation in her book entitled, “The Courage to Fall into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence“. 

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