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Join Grand Heron International

If you are looking to join a vibrant and transformational team of coaches, look no further! We would love to hear from you, and get you started on how to join our team of coaches. As part of our team, you also benefit from discounted rates for all other services offered by Grand Heron International.

What are you waiting for? Time is a thief when you remain undecided!

As an Exclusive Member….

You have access to:

  1. Our proprietary service, CoachingOnSite™, which brings people interested in coaching directly to you.
  2. Our Coaching Assistance Program™ for corporations interested in building a coaching culture by giving all of their leaders access to a coach when they feel stuck, unsure about a decision, or simply need to broaden their perspective
  3. Our Coach2Coach webinars where you have options to either attend interesting learning forums or create and lead your own in the area of coaching.
  4. Our Consultation Services for mental health referrals and management.
  5. Coaching Supervision Group Sessions.

You are your Own Boss!

When you join as a coach on CoachingOnSite™ , you decide your availabilities. GHI sees your full time work as well as your entrepreneurialship as an advantage to all individuals wishing to be coached by you. You don’t have to worry about being part of other organizations as it relates to offering your services as a coach. GHI believes in a blue ocean strategy mindset:  Opportunities abound and everyone prospers when collaboration is front and center. Since you are in the driver seat, you decide at all times where you focus your attention.

As part of CoachingOnSite, you receive ongoing client feedback which you can also leverage for your own private practice.

You Can Scale Your Services while Providing Value to Corporate Clients

As a certified coach, you recognize that some potential coaching mandates can place you in a conflict of interest such as when you are coaching a leader and cannot be coaching his/her direct report or even the manager at the same time. Moreover, you also recognize that you are not a fit for every leader who approaches you. Through our Coaching Assistance Program™, you are able to scale your services by implementing an organization-wide coaching platform while you continue to coach your leader.

Moreover, as part of our community, you also benefit by being a coach in the Coaching Assistance Program™ implemented at difference corporate sites by your fellow coaching colleagues here at GHI

You support Conscious Capitalism

As a coach and a valued member of our community, your work as an entrepreneur is welcomed. We inform people visiting CoachingOnSite™ about your work outside GHI. We believe in leveraging all of you! No matter who visits your profile, whether they decide to be coached by you or not, they will learn about your private coaching practice or consulting business as well! GHI will also from time to time offer free training to you through Coach2Coach. This offer is in keeping with our mindset of giving more than we receive as professionals.

You Have no Overhead!

GHI takes care of bringing people to you through CoachingOnSite™. With our state-of-the-art service technology, reaching worldwide by 2020, we manage all costs allowing you to do your best work as a coach. We also promote you as a coach on our platform, and social media & PR channels.

You Engage in Ongoing Learning and Development

As part of Coach2Coach webinars, you can attend specific training groups aimed at harnessing your competencies as a coach as well as optimizing your own private practice.

If you have a training program you believe can be of value to other coaches, we will help you make it available to other coaches. You decide your price point, and we manage all the costs of marketing your program!


You Care About the Mental Health of Your Clients

An important aspect of your training as a coach is recognizing when it is time to refer your clients to a mental health professional. Making this decision can be challenging especially when you are not sure how to interpret a pattern of behaviors you are noticing in your clients. As a member of GHI, you will be able to participate in special workshops as well as have access to Dr. Mirella De Civita who can help guide you on how to hold such conversations with compassion and discerning judgment at discounted rates.

You Are Committed to Improving your Coaching Skills through Coaching Supervision

At GHI, we aim to offer best-in-class coaching services by providing you with access to Coaching Supervision group sessions with a Certified Coaching Supervisor on our GHI team. Supervision is considered an important and integral part of coaching education and training by the International Coach Federation.


What are you waiting for! There is no better time! Bring a friend along!

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