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What is CoachingOnSite™

Although we cannot undo some decisions we regret having made, we can certainly prepare ourselves better to tackle the next one.  Working with a professional coach can help you gain the clarity you need to arrive at a decision that you feel good about. Sometimes arriving at a decision can take time. Shifting your mindset and broadening your perspective are part of the decision-making process. The challenge, however, is finding a trusted individual who can help you think through your issues in an unbiased, non-judgmental way.

CoachingOnSite™ is a real-time coaching service, designed specifically to help you work through an immediate issue. It is a service that gives you access to a trained and credentialed coach 24/7 who will help you gain clarity as well as shift perspective so that you can see what is possible. Our coaches will guide you through the thinking clutter that stands between you and achieving what you think should be achieved, by making it possible for you to move forward toward your goals and/or decisions.

CoachingOnSite™  is not intended to replace a comprehensive coaching program where the focus is on helping you discover new inner skills as well as transform your habits of attention, specific behaviors, and mindset. This requires long-term commitment on your part to be present for regular, scheduled coaching sessions with the same coach. For more information on such programs, please visit Papillon MDC Inc.

Your session is confidential, convenient and happening in the moment.

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