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Read what some of our clients have to say about how coaching changed their lives:

My Coach was a great coach. Helped clear out the fog that was surrounding my current situation so that I could see which avenues I could take so that I could continue to move forward with achieving the objectives I have set for myself.

I knew I had to get out of the corporate job/environment I was in for a long time. When that moment to leave presented itself, I immediately looked for a coach who could walk the path of that transition with me. My goal was to align my values with my actions, to go there where my passion is and live it every day. Through a trust relationship with my coach, deep challenging questioning and open honest conversations with the coach but also with myself, I made it to that happy place: Yoga teacher, studio owner and certified coach.

Where do you turn when you would like to reverse a series of bad decisions or you feel trapped by circumstances beyond your control? Fortunately, I chose to commit myself to a series of meaningful and impactful coaching conversations led by a GHI coach. It was not easy as my coach encouraged me to ask myself questions I had been ignoring for years. I was then guided through an amazing process that compelled me to look deep within myself...did I still want to stay with the business or start something new? What kind of entrepreneur and leader did I want to become in the future? Coaching helped me answer these questions and many more. I highly recommend you find your coach and begin the process of transformation!

Making an important decision: I was an Executive for one of the largest company in Canada and left after 30 years. My GHI coach supported and guided me through the job search process and I accepted a position in a smaller Technology company where I am respected for my skills and experience and having the best of time!

A few weeks ago I was approached by another large company to join their executive team. I immediately booked a session with my coach who helped me frame the opportunity and making sure I reviewed all the pros and cons and how I should approach. This was not only coaching; it was providing clear next steps and making me realize the impact this position would have for my future. Always an extremely positive exchange with Mirella

I had been questioning myself for a long time about my own purpose and came at a crossroads in my career where I needed to make a decision. Torn between my head, my heart and my soul, I needed help in eliminating noise from the outside, clarifying my deep-seated needs vs. my desires and helping to define my own purpose and my vision for the future. I also needed to be coached on understanding and controlling my fears as well as elevating my faith, putting me in a space where I could make the right decision and move forward with confidence and determination.

I knew myself well enough to understand my strengths but also my limitations. My need for perfection was feeding my irrational fears and no matter how much time and thinking I was spending on trying to rationalize them, I needed someone to make me see all this in a different light. I also needed someone to push me, really push me way beyond my comfort zone to see beyond the limitations I was putting on myself and I was holding on to. I also needed someone I could discuss everything with, no holds barred, in complete transparency, with no impact whatsoever.

The outcome of our work over several months helped me to completely redefine my life, my purpose, the choices I make and has anchored me in my decision to leave my executive role and to start my own company, following my true self and my inner purpose. It has given my soul a voice… It has validated everything my gut was telling me and also helped to keep my head, my heart and my soul in check and aligned. It has pushed me to face my fears, understand them and leverage them when needed but also not let them control my destiny. Our coaching work has enabled me to transform and take flight…


I was happy and comfortable in my role when a dream opportunity was offered to me. However choosing this new position entailed a big career move, and a heavy opportunity cost on personal life. My coach helped me assess the new opportunity and contextualize the impact on my career and personal life. With many complex factors and moving parts involved in the decision, the coaching helped me simplify the situation, weigh the factors and clearly see the best outcome for me.  I made a bold decision confidently, and it was the best decision of my life, for my career and life outside the office.

I embarked in a coaching relationship as part of an executive development plan,  knowing I needed to find a new way to lead my team and achieve success. Leading my team, influencing my colleagues and my manager had become exhausting work took every last bit of energy there was no ME left for anything else. What did happen  was quite transformational as I learned more about who I was, what I wanted and did not want in my life. This knowledge made me a better leader, and allowed me to deliver the results needed without being exhausted all the time. But most importantly I got myself back, I started to have fun again, to love my life and my work and to create the mix of work, family and friends that was best for me. Quite honestly without the benefits of the coaching conversations I had over 4 years ago, I don't know in what state of mind I would be today. Coaching provided the framework for me to reconnect with me and feel alive again. I see my life today filled with opportunities and choices for me to make, whereas in the past I often saw obstacles and obligations. This was a gift to me by my organisation who supported it, by myself for choosing to make the changes and by my coach who was present, interested and challenged me when and how it was needed.

Coaching can transform lives, I am living proof!

In my first executive role, responsible for a large P&L, I found myself into a leadership trap.   I had learned, often the hard way, in my previous general management role to listen and this new tool had become my most successful skill in being a fairly effective leader.  However, in a broader executive role with multiple business units responsibilities, my eagerness to bring my teams to transformation success on a linear path had found to be more and more frustrating to me and was now reflecting on my attitude with my teams which was demotivating my leaders growing even more frustration on my end.  I was gifted then by being offered coaching with a GHI coach.  Through our conversation, I learned 2 skills which have transformed my personnal and professional life since then.  I learned how to identify beliefs, deconstruct them if they are preventing to move forward, and reconstruct a new one that will bring me forward.  More important, I have learned to be and live in the moment.  Learning to live in the moment is one of the greatest gift I have received in my life.  It took me 5 years of practice to be good at it.  Today it makes me enjoy every moment of my personnal and professional life, it makes me a much calmer and I believe a much better person and leader whatever the challenge or the situation.


At the Pinnacle of the transition from strategy to implementation: In my first CEO role, I had a new team that had collaboratively developed a comprehensive strategy, and now needed to be collectively and individually accountable for a successful implementation.  There were a range of views on who and how to go about this, in particular along the seams of organizational divisions.  While this is a familiar challenge for many organizations, given the lack of common experience among this team, I thought a professional coach could help us define our success and obstacles to that success and a plan to overcome them.  It was uncomfortable at first, but the professional and emotional skills of our coach got us through the discussion and aligned us on a plan to get it done.  We left the room excited, and the implementation was a success.  We couldn't have done it without the openness to change and alignment on the future instilled through that coaching session.


I had had a long career with mentors and managers at one of the most respected global fortune 10 companies in the world for building talent. The few times I had crossed a coach I was not convinced that someone without content expertise could help me. My GHI coach proved this wrong – she is someone who was a pivotal person who made a huge step change in my career – moving me from a functional leader to a business leader in a way that was in line with my voice- vs being someone else. I can unequivocally say that my coach was instrumental at making this shift in my career success.   I still use her approach and can constantly here her talking in my head as I’m working through complex opportunities. I am now a C suite executive at a 20B company and one of the youngest public company corporate director.

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