Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Fluently bilingual, culturally diverse and a lifelong learner, Maryse’s distinctive academic and professional trajectory has taken her from architecture to project management to currently pursuing a PhD in leadership. This unique blend gives her the ability to navigate with agility from abstract ideas to tangible results, to see issues from a bird’s eye view to the minute details to plan, implement and execute.

A die-hard problem solver where No or impossible is never an option, Maryse has mobilized teams, logistics and contractors as a project manager on various large commercial and residential sites to ensure maximizing time efficiency, cost effectiveness and delivery.  As an Interior Designer, she translated client ideas, their vision, into concrete doable projects from start to finish. As an entrepreneur in the eyewear industry, she created and designed innovative point of sale displays and booths to drive and optimize sales.

Always seeking, with creativity, curiosity and empathy, Maryse challenges her clients to go past the status quo by encouraging them to push beyond self-imposed limitations/ boundaries and expand and grow beyond their comfort zone. Coaching came as a calling to accompany high-achieving individuals to be fully engaged and accountable of their success. This is where growth and transformation happens.

Maryse’s Unique Style

Her unique background coupled with diverse experience give her a cross cultural sensitivity, knowledge and deep understanding of the human spirit to unlock potential. Maryse brings to her clients an approach that focuses on the human first, their well-being.

She challenges clients to question beliefs, investigate possibilities and reframe perspective. She inspires them to formulate goals aligned with who they are striving to be by gaining clarity and confidence. She nurtures her clients to connect with their core values, guided by their courage and fierce honesty, and to trust their inner compass.

Intuitive and supportive, she creates a safe space for her clients to open up, reconnect with their authentic self and follow their path of empowerment – to be their best self. A path to unlock one’s true purpose and their unique potential.

Lead with the heart, follow with the head and your gut will keep you on track. 

Professional Background

  • PhD. candidate in leadership. researching on servant leadership and gratitude
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Co-Active Training Institute
  • Master’s in project management, MGPA, Université de Montréal
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Université de Montréal
  • Certificate in Art History, Université de Montréal

Maryse also has her private coaching practice; more information to come.

Maryse is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but can often be found in Cairo, Egypt or Paris, France.

AREAS of coaching

Languages spoken


“In my capacity as project manager for a Taskforce located in Sudan and I have to manage it remotely from United States, meanwhile moving to Chicago from Jordan for the first time in my life I am in United States. I had lots of challenges and so much requirements from work to adopt to a new movement to a different country and culture…etc. What I can simply say: life would not be the same and as smooth as great without Maryse instruction and coaching. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

H. K.

“Reflecting on my fellowship program so far, I believe that the biggest highlight is the executive coach program.

I don’t think I’m that person who can easily open up and share. I think that what made me a better listener. My friends would lean in and talk to me about things, almost all sort of things. When I think about this now, I feel that unconsciously I used to listen to avoid speaking as much as possible, because I don’t want to open up & share.

Opening up is scary. I have to admit I used to be terrified of being judged. I don’t like this feeling. Also, thinking about it now, makes me feel that it wasn’t only about being judged it’s more about trust!!! I don’t trust people in my circles enough to share!!! And I know that could make sense because trust is built up & it’s a journey in itself, all besides the very important fact that not everyone is worthy of our stories and we should be very selective of those people whom we allow to listen to our stories.

The first time I talked to Maryse I was very stressed. I even wrote down some points & workflow to share with her (actually more of guiding our interaction, maybe controlling the interaction). It may sound funny that this program aims to support me & intended for my growth & yet I felt pressured. That’s not like any other program, that’s quite personal & well, I have to open up…and I don’t like opening up.

I lived my life covering things up. I know quite well how to portray the mess in such an aesthetic way that could take your breath away and give you the exact opposite impression of what things really are. I’ve a degree in sewing cracks and turning them into glitters on a royal garment.

I also wasn’t absolutely into any kind of childhood crap & tell me about this and that, and this pathetic way of revisiting the past to pave a possible different future. I’m not into this. I’m so pragmatic and want some strategies & tactics…!! Let’s get this done kinda of person.

And as planned on our first call, I shared my points with Maryse, I said that I want to work on this & that, this & that. She, with a reassuring smile, listened & acknowledged all points, yet I also felt her eyes had this look of (it doesn’t necessarily go this way).

I have to say I felt quite relieved after our first encounter. It was more of an introduction & getting to know one another. That was of course important, because I can’t imagine jumping into the ocean without testing the water.

There is something special about Maryse, she is present, she is warm and she listens really well to what I’m saying, though most of the time I’m venting and maybe don’t really make much sense. She knows how to connect the dots and help me see the lines.

What has been very very helpful for me, is how Maryse pauses and asks me to go back to something I previously mentioned with no much attention. She would tell me let’s revisit this, and we would hang there for sometime. And this place she points out is – most of the time if not all the time – where everything else unfolds. She knows where to tab & knock without imposing any sort of feelings or thoughts on me!

I like when we rename names, and brainstorm the words that I use…Instead of work, grow…think, feel… I don’t think I ever paid attention to how I speak, how I translate my thoughts into words and oh boy that’s everything!!!

And as someone who doesn’t necessarily believe in answers but more of directions, what works best for me is questions! Maryse asks me & brainstorms with me what questions we better think about! Like What do I need to let go of?!!! These questions inspire me and I always go back to & reflect on.”


“Working with Maryse is an empowering experience. An empathetic listener, she is able to extract the essence of your story, shedding light on the point you are missing. Her take-charge personality helps to shake up the status quo and the lethargic state you may be stuck in. She inspires you to act with enthusiasm and energy. She is a born coach who will help you face your issues with brio so that you can reach your full potential.”

F-Z. ER.

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