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Enza Cignarella GHI coach

Enza Cignarella

Professional and Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

AREAS of coaching

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Enza has always been curious about leadership and human potential, both hers and that of others.  To acquire new skills in the people management space, and to better ignite the potential of others, she went back to school to train as a Certified Professional Coach.  Over the course of her career in pharmaceuticals she built project teams, brands, processes and capabilities in life sciences organizations, both in Canada and in Europe. With more than 10 years of direct people and talent management experience and more than 20 years of working in global and local matrix environments in roles ranging from strategic planning, marketing, sales and operations; Enza has also led continuing education and training and development departments in addition to occasionally lecturing at the university level.  With a penchant for distilling and synthesizing information and concepts, Enza is a strong believer that the connections between people, information and systems are the keys to successful business outcomes. As such she has cultivated a reputation for building high performing teams, leading change and innovation both at the individual and enterprise levels.

Enza Cignarella is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Enza Cignarella charges CA$149.47 per session

Enza’s Unique Style

With reverence for the trust the client has given her, Enza is described as a patient, empathic with a strong ability to quickly grasp the essence of the coaching conversation and offer it back.  Because of her broad professional experiences and relentless curiosity, Enza often has diverse ways of viewing a situation when working with her clients as they explore new perspectives and possibilities. A firm believer in the principles of positive psychology and the power of words and language in creating realities, her coaching usually leaves clients with augmented self-awareness and renewed alignment with their value systems.  With an easygoing conversational style, humor and compassion, her clients have achieved breakthrough thinking and activated the plans they committed to in the coaching conversations.

Professional Background

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) (McGill University)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certificate in Professional and Personal Coaching (PPCC) – Concordia University Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies
  • High Performing Team Practitioner (Sokrates Partners LLC)
  • Leadership Development Program graduate of the Centre for Creative Leadership and Queens University School of Industrial Relations.
  • Certified Leadership Coach Program, Corry Robertson’s Coaching Academy for Leaders (The Leader As Coach Practitioner)


“I had the pleasure and privilege to have Enza as my coach over a course of six months. During this period, I found Enza to be an active, compassionate, and, most of all, patient listener. She has a calm ability for reflecting back thought-provoking questions. Her unique skills as a coach lead me to come to answers that I would not have been able to come to on my own. Enza also provided me with the confidence to activate my true potential and face challenges at work and in my personal life head on. She also provided the motivation and validation that I needed to continue to map out and refine my life plan for the years ahead. If you are looking for a honest and empathetic coach, I would recommend Enza. without any hesitation. ”

Ticia Lee

“I had the good fortune of having been a colleague with Enza and knew she had a wealth of information and experience that I could tap into as I attempted to pivot my career and figure out how to reinvent myself.   I was unhappy having worked for different companies and throughout our sessions Enza helped to analyze my past behaviours and choices which I was not even aware of. We talked by phone and she challenged me at the end of our calls to try something new to expand my horizons.  I would definitely recommend her if you are planning to do a career change or to simply navigate complex political work relationships as her senior role within a large organization can help you out. ”

Riccardo Discepola

“Enza was a great coach! I was new to personal coaching and Enza was excellent at guiding me through the process and helping me establish my goals. Enza is a highly experienced executive but she is also kind and down-to-earth. At the time when I worked with Enza, I was starting a new job and struggled with finding my place in an established team and affirming my role as a leader. My new position was nowhere near the executive level Enza occupied at the time, but this did not still stop her from understanding my reality and helping me address my challenges. Thank you Enza! ”

Emy Behmoaram