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What is Coach2Coach™?

GHI hosts webinars on ICF Core Coaching Competencies for established coaches and coaches-in-training. Coach-specific training courses are pending review for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In the spirit of supporting coaches in their own businesses, we also present a series of webinars on topics related to managing challenging situations that touch upon confidentiality with third-party engagements; hard to reach personalities; transfer/counter-transference in coaching; and more. Issues and dilemmas often experienced by professional coaches will be explored in these forums with the intent to support continuous learning and partnership.

Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are offered mainly in English and all facilitators are fully bilingual.

Webinars on Offer:

Navigating the Frontiers of Psychotherapy and Coaching (Coming Soon)

This webinar will deal with issues surrounding the practice of coaching that may border on psychotherapeutic approaches,  and how to manage effectively while staying true to the profession of coaching.
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Becoming an Effective Executive Coach: What You Need to Know and Why

Coach practitioners who desire to learn about Executive Coaching are invited to discover what it takes to build an executive coaching practice, how to work within a triad partnership (coach, sponsoring organization, and coachee), ethical issues surrounding the practice, as well as facilitating the development process for executive coaching clients.
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Learning to Dialogue with Your Inner Coach

In an atmosphere of trust and partnership, coach practitioners will learn how to notice the inner dialogue that takes place as they sit with their clients in a coaching session. They will practice noticing how their choices of questions and statements are influenced by personal bias, judgment on what is right or wrong, as well as desires they hold for their clients.
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My experience of the “Learning to Dialogue with Your Inner Coach™” Training

Very professional and dynamic program that help me identified some of my Inner Coaching voice. Surprisingly, I didn’t know I had that many.  It really help me learning on how to evaluate my thought processes. This program is a great value to improve my coaching and my personal growth.

Thanks for your wonderful program

My experience of the “Learning to Dialogue with Your Inner Coach™” Training

It has been a life changing experience, both professionally and personally. These sessions were very rewarding & constructive. I highly recommend “Learning to Dialogue with Your Inner Coach” to anybody who is looking forward to getting some powerful coaching tools.

Thank you Mirella.

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