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You have spent most of your life planning, steering and nurturing your career. Have you thought of putting the same effort in creating the retirement you desire? If retirement is around the corner, there are some fundamental questions you need to ask yourself and areas to ponder to know if you are ready to embark on another amazing journey in your life. Our coaches have shared their insights.

Start with 3 important questions

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What would you like to be going toward in the years ahead?
  2. What would you like more of, and what would you like to let go of?
  3. In order to set concrete steps in place for a deeper sense of fulfillment and engagement in life, what areas do you need to attend to?


In addition, we would suggest also reflecting upon the following areas:

  • Values (What is most important/essential to you? What are the guideposts in your life that help you in making decisions (spirituality, health, etc.?)
  • Strengths (What are the signature strengths and talents that you have used in your working life that you can build upon in the future?)
  • Passions (What are the keys to your self-realization: ongoing learning, sense of purpose, pleasure seeking?)
  • Social relationships (Are they pleasant, engaging and meaningful?)
  • Geography (Where can you age healthily in place? Single or multiple locations?)


Careful consideration of these questions along with a supportive coaching relationship can be instrumental in flourishing in retirement … and this is our wish for you!

The time to plan is now!

By Maryse Matta

As a high achiever, your life has been structured and dictated by the obligations of your career. And now you’re on the eve of a new chapter in your life and truth be told, it could be a little daunting! Your trajectory was pretty well defined from the first day you started kindergarten albeit a few twists and turns, curve balls and life vagaries. All of a sudden, you will be master of your time, organizer of your schedule…So what’s next?

This is exciting! It’s the opportunity to reinvent yourself. The time to start is now, well before D-day. So, may I offer a few things to ponder? How do you want to redefine yourself? What are your dreams and passions? What’s your vision? Dream and imagine… and then … strategize and execute! The time to plan is now.

Think of it as planning a new career, you’re charting out a new course, you’re the captain of your ship, where do you want to go from here?

Change Perspective: You are not Stopping, You are Starting

By Marisa Murray

What are you most excited about starting or doing more of, that will accelerate becoming the person you most want to become?

So many of us have been exposed to the idea that retirement is about stopping things. You stop working, you stop stressing, you stop rushing. You do less, need less and spend less. The problem is, this thinking can also lead us to becoming less. Trees never stop wanting to grow and neither do humans. Instead of dreaming of what you look forward to stopping, ask yourself want you want more of – and shape your retirement to reflect your loftiest ambitions for life.

Coaching & Retirement

Working with a coach can mean the difference between jumping into retirement blindly or embracing it fully. Get the support you need to live retirement on your terms. Find your coach today.