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As I reflect about the last time I joined a Coffee and Conversation session with Gabriela Nitu and Maryse Matta, I mostly think about how our conversation that Friday morning related to dealing with change.  One of the thoughts I shared with the group is that I LOVE CHANGE!

Why do I love change? Primarily because I am an eternal optimist but also because I firmly believe that change, whether positive or challenging, is exciting as it opens up space and leaves room for new possibilities, but most of all – is always a learning opportunity.

I realize that not everyone loves changes. Here are three things I would say to someone who was dealing with change:

1. Accept that change is happening

Clearly identify the impact it is having and what losses you may be experiencing because of the change. Sometimes, naming what you think you are losing is enough to get you started with dealing with it and allows you to start letting go.

2. Embrace the change

Examine what you can or cannot control. We usually tend to concentrate on potential losses when we talk about accepting change, but what if we would concentrate on the gains? Identify the positives that could occur because of the change and the risk of not achieving them if you do not embrace it.

Ask yourself, how is the best way to use my energy to influence outcomes within my control?

3. Move into action

Plan your new journey by building scenarios and making plans to help you move forward. What are the first steps of your action plan? Moving into action will start to build your confidence that change is not happening to you but that you can control your own destiny with every step forward you take.

Always remember, change is all around us!  It is how we choose to learn from it that makes us more powerful.

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