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Do you want to be seen as trend-setter in your industry? Why not be the first to secure in place coaching services for all of your leaders? We often do not hesitate to implement an Employee Assistance Program for our employees to help them deal with a personal life challenge that may be impacting their mental health and overall emotional well-being; thereby, affecting their capacity to succeed at their job.

At Grand Heron International, we believe the employees also need to feel that they are not alone when it comes to making decisions at work, managing a challenging situation with a colleague involved in an ongoing project, delivering difficult feedback to an employee or even deciding on how to move their professional careers forward. Our CoachingOnSite® program can become your Coaching Assistance Program™.

Why CoachingOnSite® for Your Corporation?

CoachingOnSite® is the premier, real-time coaching service, designed specifically to your leaders through an immediate issue when it comes to gaining clarity on tough issues and shifting perspective rather than being stuck and not moving ahead with decisions and plans. It ensures that your leaders are not left on their own with challenging situations. The service is professional, confidential, and timely. And, it is available 24/7 across all phases of their leadership development.


When CoachingOnSite® is offered as a Coaching Assistance Program™ it can be integrated as part of your overall leadership strategy that emphasizes talent attraction, development, and retention. As leaders progress in their careers, they have access to a trusted professional coach who can help them to build the confidence they need to deal with a management issue, business challenge, or even contemplate career options. Having leaders who can make effective decisions saves time and moves the business forward. It also helps to shape positive behaviors and habits as leaders.


The best kept secret in the industry is having access to a professional coach to facilitate one’s progression through the stages of work from the point of first entry into a job to transitioning into retirement. Corporations who think ahead and develop their leaders are also proactively securing in place programs that ensure their leaders succeed at each phase of the work cycle. Being known in the industry as a trend-setter by investing in a Coaching Assistance Program™ ensures leaders succeed in their jobs and also places the corporation ahead of its competitors.

Can I design my own Coaching Assistance Program?

Our Coaching Assistance Program™ can be tailor designed with your corporate goals and vision in mind. We work together to make sure that you receive a clear return on your investment (ROI).

How does it work?

We design a corporate plan that considers your corporate goals and vision, while keeping in mind your budget for leadership development. Usually this work is done with you and/or your Human Resources Professional.

Your corporate plan consists of:

  1.  The number of sessions your leaders are entitled to receive in a period of time determined by you.
  2.  The list of coaches you would like to see in the Coaching Register.
  3. Secured timeslots available for coaching
  4.  A unique company code made available to your leaders
  5. An information pamphlet, outlining the benefits of coaching for your leaders.
  6.  Monthly Update Reports, documenting usage and level of satisfaction with the
    coaching service.

Download a copy of the Coaching Assistance Program™:


Coaching Assistance Program 381.38 KB 77 downloads


Testimonials from CAP users:

It helps as sometimes we do not want, or we are afraid to ask our superiors for help as we think they will feel we are weak at our position.

This program is an amazing way to gain insight on where you are "stuck" both personally and professionally.

I liked that it was confidential and that it makes us look at other points of view and how others see things.

I love the fact that I can quickly get a call with my coach and go over my concern / issue and being able with her guidance to take actions in a very timely manner.

The CAP Program gives you an objective 3rd party viewpoint.

The coach was able to help me manage a difficult situation.

It really helps understanding your strength and weakness, gives you guidance on how to improve and grow. On a more personal note, it really helps with my self confidence.

I thought it was helpful and a great tool for a manager who needs immediate guidance.

I liked my coach's enthusiasm, the fact that she understood and was able to break down my issues. The fact that she was able to provide me with tools to resolve those issues.

Good support channel.

It was extremely helpful. I could figure out what to do after only an hour of coaching while I was anxious for so long.

At the end of the session I had a plan, step by step of what to do to solve my problem.

I appreciated the advice and having a different perspective.

I would recommend this program  because I have already done it. Sometimes you need insight from someone outside of the situation or who isn't already programmed to think like your current work environment. This is that avenue to get a fresh perspective.

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