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Inspire People to Be More: one person, one coaching session, one conversation at a time

Grand Heron International (GHI) is your online service provider in the area of individual coaching, Coaching Assistance Program™ for companies, and a range of services for coaches including a series of webinars focused on masterful coaching. GHI was conceived with the intent of bringing together coaches from around the globe to share their expertise and knowledge, and to partner with one another in creating a community of learners that respect and adhere to the ethics and coaching competencies set forth by the International Coaching Federation. All of this for the sole purpose of helping individuals move closer to their desired outcomes in both personal and professional life domains!

For Individuals

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Although we cannot undo some decisions we regret having made, we can certainly prepare ourselves better to tackle the next one.  Working with a professional coach can help you gain the clarity you need to arrive at a decision that you feel good about. Sometimes arriving at a decision can take time. Shifting your mindset and broadening your perspective are part of the decision-making process.  The challenge, however, is finding a trusted individual who can help you think through your issues in an unbiased, non-judgmental way.

CoachingOnSite™ is a real-time coaching service, designed specifically to help you work through an immediate issue. It is a service that gives you access to a trained and credentialed coach 24/7 who will help you gain clarity as well as shift perspective so that you can see what is possible. Our coaches will guide you through the thinking clutter that stands between you and achieving what you think should be achieved, by making it possible for you to move forward toward your goals and/or decisions.

CoachingOnSite™  is not intended to replace a comprehensive coaching program where the focus is on helping you discover new inner skills as well as transform your habits of attention, specific behaviors, and mindset. This requires long-term commitment on your part to be present for regular, scheduled coaching sessions with the same coach. For more information on such programs, please visit Papillon MDC Inc.

Your session is confidential, convenient and happening in the moment. Find your coach now!

For Organizations

Coaching Assistance Program™

Do you want to be seen as trend-setter in your industry? Why not join others who have secured  in place coaching services for all of their leaders? We often do not hesitate to implement an Employee Assistance Program for our employees to help them deal with a personal life challenge that may be impacting their mental health and overall emotional well-being; thereby, affecting their capacity to succeed at their job.

At Grand Heron International, we believe the employees also need to feel that they are not alone when it comes to making decisions at work, managing a challenging situation with a colleague involved in an ongoing project, delivering difficult feedback to an employee or even deciding on how to move their professional careers forward. Our CoachingOnSite™ program can become your Coaching Assistance Program™.

To learn more visit the Coaching Assistance Program™ page

If you interested in purchasing this service for your company, please fill out this form and we shall contact you shortly.

For Professional Coaches

Become a CoachingOnSite™ Coach

When you join as a coach on CoachingOnSite™ , you decide your availabilities. GHI sees your full time work as well as your entrepreneurialship as an advantage to all individuals wishing to be coached by you. You don’t have to worry about being part of other organizations as it relates to offering your services as a coach. GHI believes in a blue ocean strategy mindset:  Opportunities abound and everyone prospers when collaboration is front and center. Since you are in the driver seat, you decide at all times where you focus your attention.

As part of CoachingOnSite™, you receive ongoing client feedback which you can also leverage for your own private practice.


We host webinars on several topics that impact the coaching journey for clients, with a specific focus on strengthening and aligning coach behaviors to the International Coaching Federation Core Coaching Competencies. Some webinars address specific issues such as setting up and managing confidentiality with third party engagements; law and ethics in coaching; as well as how to navigate the frontiers of psychotherapy. Other webinars deal with imparting skills on how to work with hard to reach personalities; transference / countertransference; and learning how to dialogue with one’s inner coach.

Grand Heron International is currently working toward having its webinars accredited by the International Coaching Federation for Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for core competencies and resource development.

We welcome you to browse through the various topics. 

Consultation Services

A significant and important element to our training as certified coaches is recognizing when it is time to refer a client to a mental health professional. Making this decision can be challenging especially when you are not sure how to interpret a pattern of behaviors you are noticing in your client. If you are concerned about a client and would like guidance on how best to help your client, you can schedule a call with Dr. Mirella De Civita. She is a Clinical Research Psychologist having earned a Ph.D. from l’Université de Montreal and a licensed Psychotherapist in the province of Quebec. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Health Psychologist having worked in behavioral medicine as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Epidemiology at McGill University. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Master Corporate Executive Coach with the MEECO Leadership Institute (USA), and a Certified Mentor Coach (InviteChange, USA). Her extensive training and experience span the range of bipolar and related disorders; personality disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, substance-related and addictive disorders, disruptive, impulse-control & conduct disorders, and obsessive-compulsive in children, adolescents, and adults. If you feel your client is in imminent danger of seriously harming himself/herself as well as another person, please contact your local police or emergency services immediately.

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